Monitoring the Study Monitoring, Visit Reports and Contact Reports
報名期間:從 即日起 到 無限期
上課期間:從 2022-01-01 到 2030-12-31
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Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is most popular position in Pharmaceutical companies including Contract Research Organization (CRO). CRA plays the important role and functions during the full life cycle of clinical research. Monitoring is one of key job scope as CRA’s role. This training is mainly for junior or fresh CRA to know why we need to conduct monitoring and how to ensure the proper documentation after monitoring to meet the criteria per ICH-GCP. Though this training, hope we can reduce the suffering from this population to write the 1st monitoring visit reports and decrease the time to complete the monitoring visit reports as well. It is also benefit for site staff including investigators and study coordinators within sites/hospital, you can know what and how the CRA documents the information, risk, and issue into the monitoring visit report. Then site staff will be more understandable regarding to all arrangements of monitoring.
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